Aug 04 2014

An on-screen keyboard application for Xubuntu Precise (XFCE)

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I wanted a quick onscreen keyboard for an Xubuntu system that had a faulty keyboard (I only had a mouse).

Here are the steps to set up under Xubuntu Precise.

  • From the command line,  add the ‘florence’ package ppa
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jools/joggler
  • update package repository information
sudo apt-get update
  •  Install the Florence virtual keyboard
sudo apt-get install florence

You can then access the application via Start → accessories → florence virtual keyboard

you will then be prompted as follows:


GNOME Accessibility is disabled. Click OK to enable accessibility and restart GNOME. If you click CANCEL, auto-hide mode will be disabled. Alternatively, you may enable accessibility with ginome-at-properties.

  • Select ‘OK’

The Florence keyboard application will then be available on the top XFCE task bar



Before you activate Florence for the first time, it is very important to right click on the Florence icon, select ‘preferences’ and the ‘layout’ tab and activate the ‘Florence’ layout menu


This function will allow to minimizing the Florence keyboard whenever you need it out of the way.


The minimize button that allows hiding the Florence keyboard when not needed. It is activated using the layout tab in Florence’s configuration.

The application has an ‘Auto minimize’ function, but for some reason it was not working when I tried it.

Additional resources:

Documentation about the Florence application


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